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Self Development

With the changing educational trends, versatility in educational courses, easy availability of qualified personnel, the competition for job acquisition and job sustainability has become a huge challenge for our students today.

To get an edge over the competitors, students need to add Soft Skill values to their Hard Skills, to exhibit their true potential. Hard Skills are academic skills, experience and level of expertise, while Soft Skills are self-development, interactive communication, human and transferable skills.

Most employers these days want to hire, retain and promote persons who are dependable, resourceful, ethical, self-directed, possessing effective communication skills, willing to work and learn and having a positive attitude. With this in mind, we design and offer a range of interactive learning courses to young graduates who are on the threshold of their industrial careers. They are certain to gain more market value once they are polished.

A few of the courses are listed below:

Spoken English

Communication Skills

  • Effective and Ineffective Communication
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Giving and receiving Feedback
  • Identifying Communication styles
  • Understanding non-verbal behaviour
  • Communicating on the Telephone effectively
  • Getting along with others – (Interpersonal Communication)

Written Business Communication Skills

  • Designing Business Letters
  • Report Writing
  • Writing Effective E-mails

Presentation Skills

  • Overcoming stage fear
  • How to structure Powerful Presentations
  • How to develop Skills and Confidence in delivering Effective Presentations

Resume Writing

  • Compile an eye-catching Resume

Group Discussion and Interview Skills

  • Role and importance of Group Discussions
  • Controlling fear and stress during Group Discussions / Interviews
  • Effective Group Discussion Techniques
  • Preparing for different types of Interviews

Business Etiquette

  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Personal Etiquette
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Behaviour at Work
  • Table Manners and Small Talk
  • Using office Utilities and Resources

Note:  These courses provide excellent life, social and personality skills to the students, for their smooth and                 effective transition from an academic to a corporate environment.



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